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Nadic Anhydride(NA)
Nadic Anhydride(NA)
Nadic Anhydride(NA)

Product name
Nadic Anhydride(NA)

CAS NO: 129-64-6

Number: A1001
Molecular formula
 Chemical formula:


 Structural formula:
 Molecular weight:164.16
Technical indicators


①Used in unsaturated polyester resins than the resins made by phthalic anhydride or THPA ,NA(Nadic Anhydride) has better air-drying, higher heat resistance,degree of finish, electrical properties, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.

②Used for the curing agent of epoxy resin, suitable for casting, lamination, powder molding, etc . The cured products have excellent weather resistance, heat resistance and electric properties.

③ Used in the modifying agent of alkyd resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, melamine resins,etc.

④ Can be used for pesticides, sulfide modifier, plasticizer, surfactant, textile penetrating agent, etc.




This product shall be airtight, out of the sun, moisture-proof and away from heat. The storage period is one year.