Product Detail
Octenylsuccinic anhydride
Octenylsuccinic anhydride
Octenylsuccinic anhydride

Product name
Octenylsuccinic anhydride

CAS NO: 26680-54-6

Molecular formula
 Chemical formula:


 Structural formula:
 Molecular weight:210.27
Technical indicators

Form:                    Clear, yellow liquid

Content:                  ≥ 99% (GC)

Water, %:                 ≤ 0.1

Viscosity:                  ≤ 45 m Pa·S(25℃)


  OSA has excellent ability to increase the compatibility of hydrophobe and starch, it is a modified tarch additive during pure glue producing . The modified product can be used as paper coating, thickening agent, stabilizing agent and packaging agent.

  OSA also can be used as curing agent of epoxy resin, curing material has toughness, moisture resistance and excellent electrical properties. OSA and other anhydride curing agent in the proper proportion of the mixed use, can get better performance of the cured product.


190kg/ drum or according to customers requirements.


This product shall be avoided contact with oxide, acid, base, air and moisture, and shall be far away from the fire in the process of storage.